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Wish List Wednesday: You Tell Us

When we were thinking about what to write about for our Wish List Wednesday, it dawned on us: We can sit here and talk about all of things we are wishing for but when it comes down to it, what we are really wishing for is for YOU to tell us what YOU are wishing […]

Trending Tuesday: Cross Body Bags

We are hot for Cross Body bags right now and we think that if you are going to partake in any of the fall trends, this would be the one to participate in. Why? Because these bags are fashionable, comfortable and sit conveniently on shoulder while crossing around your body and onto your hip. They’re […]

Polish Picks Becky

Today is another Polish Picks. We picked our very own Store Manager, Becky. Becky is a very hard worker that is dedicated to helping our customers find top notch outfits that are perfectly Polished. She is style-savvy and chic. We love the ensembles she puts together. When she’s not working at Polish, she’s hanging out […]

Fall Friday

Happy Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend? There are so many things that are going on: High School football is starting, concerts are going on, a certain festival is happening downtown. What are you going to wear? Of course its still August, so we are still in Summer but you don’t want […]

Wednesday Wish List: Boots

We are agonizingly counting down the days until the cooler weather gets here. We suppose talking about it isn’t going to help but we can’t help but talk about it when we are surrounded by so many cute boots that are calling out to us everyday! “Wearrrr meeee….. wearrrrrr meeeee!” We would wear them if […]

Trending Tuesday: Leopard Print

God knew what he was doing when He created the Leopard. The Leopard is one of the most fashionable creatures in the jungle! I think even the King of the Jungle¬†might be a little jealous of the Leopard’s speckled and spotted coat. You don’t have to be jealous though. Leopard print is everywhere this fall. […]

Polish Picks Kelly McKinley

Today we have an exciting post featuring Kelly McKinley, friend of Polish Boutique and owner of Sweet Cheek’s. Sweet Cheek’s began because Kelly tremendously loves to bake. She started baking for friends and family and eventually decided turn her love of baking into a career. She started experimenting with various flavor combinations and loved the […]

Fall Friday

Well, we’re one week closer to fall. We’re not sure how much longer we can take the heat. Until fall, we are eating sno cones, drinking iced coffee and wearing Chill-It’s. We’re also dressing cool. You can dress for hotter weather and still look super cute! Take this adorable tribal inspired dress. It’s breezy and […]

Quick like Grits

We have a “Fall Friday” but it will be blogged about on Saturday, which we realize contradicts the name but we didn’t want you guys to think that we forgot! Have a great night and stay tuned for a great Fall Friday post tomorrow!

Polish Personalities

I love when I am shopping and one of my friends hands me a dress and says, “This is SO you.” For one thing, it gives me a hint as to how people see me and then also what they think about my personal style and my personality. I find it interesting that 9 times […]