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Trending Tuesday: Tangerine Tango Pantone 2012 Color of the year!

We could not be more excited about the Color of the year. TANGERINE TANGO! The name says it all, fun, festive and sultry! What’s not to love? Not only is this color pretty, it’s pretty for all skin types! So embrace it and love it and wear it all year long. Polish has everything you […]

Polish Picks: The Hills

We laughed, we cried and now we refuse to claim the fact that we ever even watched this show. We’re talking about The Hills. Yes, the Hills. We found a video that reminds us of the fake Teen Vogue internship, Justin Bobby, those crazy face expressions and even better, the Heidi/Spencer relationship that made us […]

Fun Friday – Aztec Print!

Aztec Print, oh Aztec Print! We love it and really can’t get enough of it so we’re glad that it’s sticking around for a few more seasons. Go ahead and rack up while you can! Polish Boutique has everything you need to incorporate it into your wardrobe! Here are a few of our favorites: Thanks […]

Polished Recipe Day: Avocado Banana Smoothie

I know what you’re thinking… “Sipping an avocado through a straw is good? GROSS!” Well, I made this and I can tell you one thing. It is NOT gross! It’s refreshingly light and healthy! The avocado is packed with healthy fats and proteins so it will keep ya full and lets not forget about the […]

Wish List Wednesday: Amy’s wishes!

Amy is a dear friend of Polish Boutique. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and often shops from our online Boutique, Amy is a wife, mother and orthodontist assistant. When she’s not putting braces on people’s teeth, she’s often shopping for clothes! Since she’s been a mommy, she’s put her wardrobe on the back […]

Trending Tuesday: Girl Cute vs. Boy Cute

Have you ever noticed that many men think the fashion we love is ridiculous? We might love a popping shade of lipstick and they just think it gets in the way… or what about a top knot? We think, “Lauren Conrad has such great style with her cute giant top knot bun! I want my […]

Polish Picks: Pets!

This is a carefully curated list of cute animals that will surely make your Monday! We hope you enjoy! Sweet little hedgehog! He’s very courageous. So intelligent. Oh My. I melt. It’s not everyday you see a pig and a pooch working side by side. In fact the last time I saw that was probably […]

Fun Friday: Earn Your Stripes!

We love a stripe! So today, we’re talking about them in our cute little video. Check it out: All of these fun stripey shirts and dresses are in stores and online now! Hurry and get them before they’re gone! Love Always, Polish Boutique xoxox

A Polished Approved Recipe!

Have you heard of The Pioneer Woman? No, not the one from Little House on the Prairie that chops wood and eats beef jerky for breakfast. The REAL Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummund? She lives In Oklahoma, raises 4 kids, several dogs, cows, wild mustangs and her husband. She also cooks.. REALLY well. She even has […]


We aren’t having a wish list today! We know you’re sad but we know one thing that would make you even sadder and that’s censorship of the Internet! This is a great article explaining a little more about the issue and what the Internet would be like after SOPA: The reason everyone’s getting so upset […]