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Trending Tuesday: Fancy Fingers!

So, we may have talked about nail polish before on Trending Tuesday but we really just can’t get enough of all of the splendid options out there on the interweb! Not to mention, my nails have gotten a little longer so I’ve been searching for inspiration and this is what I’m currently loving: PERFECT For […]

Fun Friday – Polish Has Moves like Jagger!

We always get so excited when we get new shipments in! Well, we just got a new one in and it is full of all kinds of treasures! Watch as Mandy shows you some: What are you waiting for! Come see us at Polish to get some cute new clothes! Have a great weekend!

A Polished Recipe

Don’t you hate it when you can’t think of anything to cook for dinner? We sure do so we are going to share a recipe with you that you will definitely want to try! It’s a light and fresh Chicken Taco recipe that has it’s own lime cilantro slaw. It’s a quick, simple recipe that […]

Wish List Wednesday: Dana

Today we have a wish list from a local mom that Loves Polish! She is a mother of 2 beautiful red-headed girls, an awesome singer, funny, inspiring, and a Facebook extraordinaire…. Seriously, she posts the most hilarious things! All Images from Google Image Search   1.  Hobo Wallet.  Sure, I have a cute wallet – […]

Trending Tuesday: GEEK CHIC

If you haven’t noticed, GEEK CHIC is trending right now. We liked this look before it was “in” but since it is so popular now, we’ll talk about it today. We love the thick rimmed glasses that we’ve seen everywhere lately! Many people pair these with complementary nerdy clothing but our favorite is when people […]

Polish Picks the SEC

We admit, we are kind of hoping that Alabama wins tonight but that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy that Louisiana State University is their contender. The South Eastern Conference is representin’ and that’s just the way we like it. The only thing we like more than SEC football is, of course, the clothes we wear […]

Fun Friday: Do you say any of these things?

We’d first like to premise these videos with this disclaimer: The ladies of Polish do not like profanity nor use profainty nor condone the use of profanity. The use of profanity is in no way Polished or pretty and therefore we’d like to encourage you not to use it in any way, form or fashion. Please […]

We Resolve to LAYER!

If you haven’t noticed we’ve touched a bit on resolutions this week. Resolutions are often stuffy and hard to keep but we’ve made some resolutions that have more to do with fashion and fun! We don’t think they’ll be stuffy or hard to keep! If you follow any of our media outlets, you will notice […]

Wishlist Wednesday: Jacky’s wishes!

We are so excited to have Jacky of Velvet Events contribute to our blog by sharing her wish list with us today! Jacky is an amazing event planner from L.A.! Not only does she have amazing party planning style, she also has great taste when it comes to fashion! We love her knowledge of labels […]

Trending Tuesday: PRINT

We haven’t had a real trending Tuesday in awhile and we can’t help but talk about some trends we’ve noticed lately. One, in particular that I am drawn to and that is print…print of all shapes, sizes and colors. Oh how it excites me, mainly because I usually stray away from print. I’m hoping to […]