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Wedneday Wish List – Kate’s Wishes!

Have you heard of the blog, Collect 5? It’s a blog that we Polish girls frequent! Collect 5 is packed with things to inspire your kitchen, your home and especially your closet! One thing we love most about this blog is that it’s comprised of a party of 5 – All gal pals scattered across […]

Trending Tuesday – Animal Printed Nails!

Grrrrowl! We know that fun fingernails are all the rage right now. So we wanted to share this nifty tutorial we found from! Who doesn’t love leopard? Well, we have your leopard print nail tutorial right here! Check it out: Pretty, right? Here are the steps – Cheetah print nails have been around for […]

Polish Picks – Garance Dore

Who is Garance Dore? Ever heard of her? Well I have because I scour the internet for hours marinating myself in fashion blogs, photography blogs and the like. In doing so, I discovered the Sartorialist a couple of years back. His name is Scott Schuman and if you haven’t been to his blog you should […]

Fun Friday – Epic Rap Battle

We love to laugh and we’re sure you do too.. so here’s a little video the help you do just that! Now go work on your rapping skills so when you and a gal pal are fighting over a dude, you can have an Epic Rap Battle with her to prove that you are the […]

Polish Approved Thursday – Boom Boom Moon Pie

Since Polish Boutique began in the same city where Mardi Gras orginated, we figured we’d pay some homage to the Boom Boom with a MOON PIE BANANA PUDDING! You know you’re going to have moon pies laying around the house and your probably going to be tired of eating them, so why not mix it […]

Wishlist Wednesday – Ashley’s Wishes!

Today’s wish list comes from someone who is very near and dear to our hearts – ASHLEY Forbes Knox! Mandy and Amber’s sweet sister! We love her very much and asked her to do a wish list for us. Here’s what Ashley has to say about her wishes: I was Born in Oklahoma, Raised in […]

Trending Tuesday – Floral Revival

Ok, so of course we love flowers and are so happy to see that spring blooms are sporadically popping up around town (in Mobile). First, it was the Japanese magnolias, then, some Crepe Myrtles. Now, cherry trees, red bud trees and pretty, yellow jasmine blooms are all coming and going! I love the blasts of […]

Polish Picks – Mardi Gras!

Of course as many of you know, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! What are you doing to celebrate? If you don’t live locally, you probably have to go to work or class like the rest of the world. (BOO!) But.. if you live and work in Mobile or Baldwin County, you are most likely off work […]

Fun Friday – The Flowbee

Today we have a fun video about a product that is very near and dear to our hearts. We hope you will see why! HA HA HA! Don’t you love it! Can you believe that this actually existed? People are probably still using this. In fact, we googled the Flowbee and you can still purchase […]

Baked Banana French Toast

When I saw this recipe, my mouth immediately began to water. In fact, it’s still watering as I write this. Are you familiar with cake bites? One of the baking babes that started the cake bite craze is from the blog, Bakerella. I’ve never made any of her cake bites but I have made this […]