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Polish Picks – Summer Scarves

Scarves aren’t just for fall and winter. Scarves can be worn all year long! Now, I understand that around here, in Mobile, it gets HOT and the last thing you want around your neck is a scarf! Don’t worry! There are multiple ways to use a scarf! Some loosely around the neck and other multi-functional […]

Fun Friday – The Cat Eye

Just in time for the weekend we found a tutorial on how to make the perfect, fierce and flirty CAT EYE! Of course this tutorial comes from The Beauty Department so you know it’s going to be a good one! We just love that site. Anyway, we hope this helps with all of your eye-liner […]

Polish Approved – Chevron Peanut Butter Bars

That’s right, you read right! CHEVRON Peanut Butter Bars! As many of you know, Polish Boutique LOVES Some Chevy! Just look at all of the Chevron we have in our store and on our site! Well, NOW we can ingest chevron into our bodies via our mouth. Ok, that sounded weird. Seriously, though.. it’s true […]

Pregnant and Polished

We think pregnant ladies are some of the most radiant people! It’s silly, but they really do glow. We’ve never been pregnant before, but we know that even when you’re pregnant, you still want to look and feel beautiful! That’s why we’re happy to help anyone pregnant find cute clothes that will still work with […]

Polish Picks – Polka Dot Pairings

You know you’ve heard us talk about polka dots! They are everywhere in the store and on our site. Our favorite blogger, Wendy, is going to show us a few GREAT ways to style them! Check it out – Isn’t she precious? We love her and can’t get enough of her awesome videos. You’ll probably […]

Fun Friday! Sophia Grace and Rosie!

Have you guys met Sophia Grace and Rosie? They got their start when their singing on youtube went viral and Ellen invited them onto her show. They were SO popular that they now make regular appearances! They are super cute! So.. We wanted to share this video with you. It’s one of our favorites! “We […]

Polish Approved Recipe – Blueberry Cobbler!

I’ve made this. It’s a winner EVERY. TIME. SO I wanted to share it with you! 🙂 Of course it’s form The Pioneer Woman. And you can use this same recipe with any fruit. I usually use blueberries but it is almost black berry season so you could pick some and make a cobbler and […]

Wish List Wednesday – PIN IT TO WIN IT!

Do you follow us on Pinterest? Well, YOU SHOULD! We are pinning our favorite clothes, ideas, recipes, home ideas and trends! We want for you to follow us SO BADLY That we are going to have a contest to get you to follow our awesome pin boards! Introducing… First, we want to share some of […]

Trending Tuesday – One of our favorite motifs!

As you know polka dots are hot. In fact, we talked about polka dots trending back in Fall 11. Well, they’ve stuck around for spring and summer and we’re so glad they did! Like stripes, Polka Dots are here to stay. Granted, they never really left but I feel like they’ve been revived! Halleluiah! Anyways, […]

Polish Picks: Windy’s DIY Jewelry Display!

If you’re like me, when you get home you take whatever jewelry you are wearing and toss it down on your vanity or any given dresser or table and then, when you get ready to wear it, you can only find one earring or you can’t find it at all!  Today, we wanted to share […]