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Another Hair Do!

Do you do your hair a lot? I find myself throwin’ it up in the ugliest of buns just to get it off of my neck! It’s hot out there… sometimes long braids are still too hot so I got excited when I saw this cool do (From The Beauty Department, of course). Of course, […]

Happy Memorial Day!

If you are going to be barbecuing today, this post will definatley come in handy! We found it on Lauren Conrad’s blog! We LOVE her! I’ve always considered Memorial Day as the unofficial kick-off to fabulous summer barbeques. Now that my mind is already set on lazy weekends, mountainside picnics, and warm weathered gatherings, it’s time to […]

Fun Friday! Trade what you Hate party!

So we stumbled upon this fun video and we wanted to share it with you because is all about having a “Trade the Clothes You Hate” party! You and your gal pals can all come together and trade the clothes that you no longer like with your friends! The clothes that no one wants can […]

Summer Fish Tail Braids

We love a braid so we got so excited when we saw this new twist on the fishtail from The Beauty Department Blog! Check it out: BRAIDS, BRAIDS, AND MORE BRAIDS… photos + post design by Kristin Ess It’s almost summer which means you’ll need lots of ways to get your hair off your neck. […]

The Polish Gals Run From Memphis to Mobile to Support St. Jude!

Have you ever been driving down the road to and had to come to a halt because there was a runner running with a bright orange or yellow caution belt on and a shirt that said, “Running for ____” with a caravan of trucks or campers following close by? At first, you might be a […]

Polish Boutique on National T.V. Featuring CBN’s Mom of the Year!

We can’t help but be excited that our store was on a nationally syndicated t.v. show! That’s right! We had the pleasure of sharing a special moment with CBN’S Mom of the Year! She is from Mobile and has an amazing story of grace, strength and hope. She’s been through a lot and is definately […]

2 Minute Make Over!

Watch this video for interesting (and quick) tips to make over your look! How Awesome! Come to Polish and we’ll do the SAME thing! But.. we can give you multiple looks. YAY!~

The Crown of Braids

Here’s the latest and greatest from The BEauty Department! We saw this and thought what a lovely hair-do for the Summer. Embrace your inner bohemian. Let us know how it turns out! CROWN OF BRAIDS photos + post design Kristin Ess It seems pretty easy, but it’s not. Not everyone has long hair that reaches […]

Polish Your Momma!

Happy Mother’s day to all of the pretty mommies out there! Today, we are celebrating Mother’s day! We love our mommas and what better way to show our love than to Polish them at Polish!? That’s exactly what Mandy and Amber did to their mommy, Mrs. Karla! Isn’t she radiant? She’s a nut and it’s […]