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Monday Funday

Dressing for a Wedding? IT is that time of year.. many of your friends may be getting hitched and sometimes you just DON’T know what to wear! Well here’s an video that may address some of your wedding dressing woes. We also have many great dresses that you could wear on our website or in […]

Fun Friday

Sorry we’ve been a little “hit or miss” in our blogging! Summer is BUSY! I’m thinking this little video will make up for it 😀 What did Mr. Rogers know about fashion? He was superior when it came to cardigans and sneakers! Known for his mad color blocking skills, he would often pair a bold […]

Polished Packing

Hey Gals! (and Guys?) Our Dear Amber is on her way to Africa again for Soles4souls. During her trip, she has to go through many different countries and climates.. sometimes It’s hard to pack accordingly so we decided to do a little blog post on Polished Packing! When you’re gone for awhile, it’s often hard […]