Archive | July, 2012

Polish Approved – Cookie Dough Popsicles!

I’m freaking out right now. I just discovered a cookbook all about cookie dough! Cookie dough is my favorite part of the cookie so why shouldn’t there be a cookbook all about the best part of the cookie? Why shouldn’t you be able to make other things out of cookie dough besides just cookies!? For […]

Trending Tuesday – The Unicorn Braid!

I saw this braid on The Beauty Department’s website. Instantly, I thought of Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman! She always had those cool braids and I could never figure out how she made them, so I got SO excited when I saw this on their site. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a tutorial so I surfed the […]

Watcha wearin’ on the 4th? We’ve got ya covered!

Quick Update — We’ve been super busy moving and planning and vacationing so our little blog has suffered. We apologize. We are back and planning some super exciting things for our blog so be excited and keep on reading! So, the 4th is on Wednesday! Weird, huh? Who made that decision anyway? If you are […]