About Polish

polish-boutique.pngAbout Polish

Affordability and customer service are our top priorities, as well as always having exactly what you’re shopping for. We take pride in knowing our customers and buying our merchandise with certain customers in mind. Our Founders, Mandy and Amber, aspired to launch Polish from a young age. As high-schoolers they knew Polish was what they wanted and spoke about it as if it already existed. Amber majored in Apparel Merchandising at Auburn University and Mandy majored in accounting at the University of South Alabama in hopes of preparing ourselves to open Polish. After graduating from Auburn, Amber moved to Los Angeles to gain as much experience in the fashion world as possible. As soon as Mandy graduated with her accounting degree they began the hard work to actually bring Polish into existence. In May of 2008, Polish Boutique opened its doors and we have been “polishing” people ever since.

"Polish is the creation of everything that
we would want in our favorite shopping spot."

Why We Do It

Polish is a part of us and believe that Polish is our platform to show love to everyone! Cheesy, yes, but its the truth! We pride ourselves in making the shopping process easier than you think and taking the painful monotony out of it. Our customers know us and we think that connection makes shopping at Polish special.

Who We Do It For

We hope that our customers know our appreciation for them. We love and take pride in knowing that Polish would not exist if it weren’t for everyone of our customers. We hope our customers continue to trust our taste and always think of Polish when they need that perfect outfit!