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Reunited and it feels so good:

  This story is so sweet one can’t help but share it. Have you ever had a stuffed animal or blanky that you couldn’t live without? Well, what would you have done if you lost it? Watch this video! It is the sweetest story of reunited love. Have a great weekend!

The South Alabama Dance team is SO Polished!

Last Friday, the South Alabama dance team graced us with their presence and let us dress them up in Jaguar Gameday gear! We dressed them head to toe in red and blue! These girls know how to show team spirit on and off the field whether they are in their dance team uniform or in […]

Fun Friday! DIY Bib Necklace by Lauren Conrad

Bib necklaces and collars are all the rage right now. I’ve looked for my own and It’s hard to find them at a reasonable price but that’s ok because Lauren Conrad (Who is very Polished) shows us how make them in this cool video! Check it out: Don’t you love these necklaces? They could make […]

Herringbone Mani! So pretty!

When it comes to painting my nails, I usually lean towards nails that are too over the top. I really like this manicure because they painted all of the nails the same shade and have one accent nail. So it’s not over the top and is very pretty! I alos LOVE the color combo! Try […]

Fun Firday – Overly attached….

One of our Polished employees, Dayton shared this with us! This is her video to her boyfriend. We tried to tell her she probably shouldn’t send it to him.. but she didn’t listen! So, we’re using her as an example. Do NOT act this way, girlies! Your boyfriend will surely dump you! He he he. […]

Fun Friday

Sorry we’ve been a little “hit or miss” in our blogging! Summer is BUSY! I’m thinking this little video will make up for it 😀 What did Mr. Rogers know about fashion? He was superior when it came to cardigans and sneakers! Known for his mad color blocking skills, he would often pair a bold […]

Fun Friday! Trade what you Hate party!

So we stumbled upon this fun video and we wanted to share it with you because is all about having a “Trade the Clothes You Hate” party! You and your gal pals can all come together and trade the clothes that you no longer like with your friends! The clothes that no one wants can […]

The Polish Gals Run From Memphis to Mobile to Support St. Jude!

Have you ever been driving down the road to and had to come to a halt because there was a runner running with a bright orange or yellow caution belt on and a shirt that said, “Running for ____” with a caravan of trucks or campers following close by? At first, you might be a […]

Fun Friday!

Here’s a fun little video. I think it captures the personality of a cat PERFECTLY! Hope you enjoy! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! xoxox