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Fun Friday – The Cat Eye

Just in time for the weekend we found a tutorial on how to make the perfect, fierce and flirty CAT EYE! Of course this tutorial comes from The Beauty Department so you know it’s going to be a good one! We just love that site. Anyway, we hope this helps with all of your eye-liner […]

Fun Friday! Sophia Grace and Rosie!

Have you guys met Sophia Grace and Rosie? They got their start when their singing on youtube went viral and Ellen invited them onto her show. They were SO popular that they now make regular appearances! They are super cute! So.. We wanted to share this video with you. It’s one of our favorites! “We […]

Fun Friday – Life Happens

Sometime life just sucks, right? But when you think about it, I’m pretty certain that when I think my problems are bad, the guy next to me is probably going through something even worse. Life Happens. It just.. does. So you can either sulk about it or get up and dance. That’s why we like […]

Fun Friday! Unleash Your Inner Puppy!

We are excited to blog about the new Doggie Park that is opening in Mobile tomorrow at the Medal of Honor park in West Mobile! We, at Polish Boutique, LOVE ANIMALS and could not be more excited that Mobile will now have a place for puppies to play sans leash! It will be for Tiny […]

Fun Friday – How to wear a blazer!

So we are constantly looking for videos and tutorials on how to incorporate the latest trends into our wardrobe. The Blazer, has made a big come back in the last couple of seasons and it’s not going anywhere! You can even wear it in the summer time! If you haven’t started wearing a blazer and […]

Fun Friday – Epic Rap Battle

We love to laugh and we’re sure you do too.. so here’s a little video the help you do just that! Now go work on your rapping skills so when you and a gal pal are fighting over a dude, you can have an Epic Rap Battle with her to prove that you are the […]

Fun Friday – The Flowbee

Today we have a fun video about a product that is very near and dear to our hearts. We hope you will see why! HA HA HA! Don’t you love it! Can you believe that this actually existed? People are probably still using this. In fact, we googled the Flowbee and you can still purchase […]

Fun Friday –

Have you met Alana? She’s a special contestant from the show, Toddlers and Tiaras. We are pretty sure she is the BEST pageant contestant ever.. she’s even better than the “Such as, such as girl”! IF you haven’t watched it, please do.. if you have, we already know you’ll watch it again. (Just click the […]

Fun Friday – Aztec Print!

Aztec Print, oh Aztec Print! We love it and really can’t get enough of it so we’re glad that it’s sticking around for a few more seasons. Go ahead and rack up while you can! Polish Boutique has everything you need to incorporate it into your wardrobe! Here are a few of our favorites: Thanks […]