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Fashion Week — Our Favorites!

Well, I missed Fashion Week…. AGAIN! Ugh.. I just never get to make it. I get invited to ALL of the shows, too.. but I’m just always TOO busy to go. Since I couldn’t make it this year (Ha), I’ve taken it upon myself to drum up the greatest things that were up and down […]

No White? Yeah Right!

The only thing that should stress you out when wearing white is coffee stains, not outdated notions that it is a season-specific hue. White has been popping up on fall/winter runways the past few seasons, and this year winter white is definitely shaping up to be a key player. When shopping for winter whites make […]

New Merchandise!

We’ve gotten a TON of new merchandise in at our store and online! Here are some of our new favorites: [slideshow] These are all available online but we have a lot of new options in the store as well! Be sure to stop by the store or the website and check it out! xoxo

Watcha wearin’ on the 4th? We’ve got ya covered!

Quick Update — We’ve been super busy moving and planning and vacationing so our little blog has suffered. We apologize. We are back and planning some super exciting things for our blog so be excited and keep on reading! So, the 4th is on Wednesday! Weird, huh? Who made that decision anyway? If you are […]

Monday Funday

Dressing for a Wedding? IT is that time of year.. many of your friends may be getting hitched and sometimes you just DON’T know what to wear! Well here’s an video that may address some of your wedding dressing woes. We also have many great dresses that you could wear on our website or in […]

The Crown of Braids

Here’s the latest and greatest from The BEauty Department! We saw this and thought what a lovely hair-do for the Summer. Embrace your inner bohemian. Let us know how it turns out! CROWN OF BRAIDS photos + post design Kristin Ess It seems pretty easy, but it’s not. Not everyone has long hair that reaches […]

Polish Approved – Raspberry Lemonade

I’ve been on a lemonade kick lately. Maybe it’s the sunny days and the warmer weather? It’s so refreshing and light – a good alternative to soda that makes you feel bloated and burpy. I found this recipe and thought it looked delicious! It’s also so pretty! Here are the directions: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade with […]

Polish Picks – Homemade Body Shimmer?

Do you remember when putting body glitter on your eyelids was the bee’s knees? I remember. I was probably in 7th grade and I LOVED me some glitter. My mom (Hi Zondra), however, did not and now I can understand. Large flakes of glitter getting in the creases of one’s eyelids is anything but flattering. […]

Bella Bridesmaids!

In May of 2000 in San Francisco, Bella Bridesmaid was created by Southern gal, Bridget Brown in response to an overwhelming need for stylish, wearable and modern bridesmaid dresses. The quaint and inviting boutique offers a refreshing departure from the usual bridesmaid experience: fresh, sassy and chic designer dresses in an intimate, upscale and approachable […]