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Raise your Hand if you like Nutella

Who doesn’t like Nutella? I can’t think of many people. If you don’t like Nutella, consider yourself lucky… it’s kind of addictive. My latest Nutella favorite is Nutella + Peanut butter on toast. It’s like a melty peanut butter cup. MM MMMM good. Nutella is creamy, sweet and has this underlying flavor that can’t be […]

The Inverted Braid! BEST (and fastest) BRAID EVER!

Ok. I’ve seen this braid on famous people and always thought their hairdo person was just a really GREAT fishtail braids but it turns out that this “fishtail” is not a fishtail at all! It’s actually an inverted braid! My friend, Bevin pinned this to me on Pinterest and I got so excited when I […]

Polish your Hurricane Party!

With Issac on it’s way to the Gulf Coast, we Polish gals can’t help but think about how will welcome him. Sure, Hurricanes are force to be reckoned with but this one will be a category 1. We’re hoping we’ll all be off from work and will get to have a Hurricane Party with our […]

Polished Approved – Tortilla Roll Ups!

This recipe looks delightfully simple and delicious. It’s taken straight from The Pioneer Woman, whom is a dear friend of mine (In my mind, not hers) Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I love how she gives step by step photos.. it really takes the guess work out — and helps people, like me, who don’t […]

Polish Approved: Sandwiches

People say you eat with your eyes first so why not make what you are eating pretty.. or in this case, cute! Check out these cute sandwiches! We’re convinced they are the cutest sandwiches in the world! What are ya waiting for? Go make a cute sandwich! If you do, post it on our Facebook […]

Polish Approved – Cookie Dough Popsicles!

I’m freaking out right now. I just discovered a cookbook all about cookie dough! Cookie dough is my favorite part of the cookie so why shouldn’t there be a cookbook all about the best part of the cookie? Why shouldn’t you be able to make other things out of cookie dough besides just cookies!? For […]

Polish Approved – Haute Popsicles

It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday! So we are thinking of sharing something delicious and cool with you. We saw this lovely Popsicle recipe from Martha Stewart via Pinterest! I can’t wait to try to make these! Find More Block party recipes Fourth of July recipes Greek yogurt recipes Labor Day recipes Nectar recipes Kids […]

Polish Approved – Fruit Pizza

I’m pretty excited about this recipe. Fruit + Pizza = HEALTHY HEAVEN? Sure! Why not. Anyway, I saw this recipe and had to share it. It’s Pioneer Woman, of course. She makes her dough from scratch but I think you could easily just buy a roll of dough and use it instead of taking the […]

The Braided Bun – A tutorial

For those of you that live in Mobile or the south, you know all about how hot and humid it can get down here. For those of you that don’t live down here, consider yourself blessed! Our weather can get pretty steamy and the effects of steamy weather on our hair are not always pretty. […]

Polish Approved – Chevron Peanut Butter Bars

That’s right, you read right! CHEVRON Peanut Butter Bars! As many of you know, Polish Boutique LOVES Some Chevy! Just look at all of the Chevron we have in our store and on our site! Well, NOW we can ingest chevron into our bodies via our mouth. Ok, that sounded weird. Seriously, though.. it’s true […]