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Emily’s Polish Fashion Planning Period

Today’s post is dedicated to the TEACHERS! We adore our teachers! I think we can all think back to our favorite teachers from the time we were in school and how they greatly influenced us. (Hi Mr. Lambert) They spend most of their day molding minds. It’s a tough job and I, for one am […]

A new do for you! Via Wendy’s lookbook

This hair style is inspired by the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer runway show! Wendy shows us how it’s done. It’s a nice break from braids, wouldn’t you say?  (But I DO love a braid) Try this! Let us know how it turns out!

Hey, Blue Jean Baby! Make your own Distressed Denim Cut-offs!

Nothing says “Summer” like a cute pair of cut-offs! If you remember, one of our very own Polish gal’s made a pair for herself and they were precious. They have a very”All American girl” look to them. Well, if you liked them you are in luck! We found an awesome tutorial on Hello Giggles that […]

Funday Monday – LAUGH!

You should start Monday off right! With a little laughter!!! We love this lady. We definitely want to be her friend. She is so happy and joyful! Now….how can you NOT have a good Monday after watching that video? xoxo

Polish Approved: Sandwiches

People say you eat with your eyes first so why not make what you are eating pretty.. or in this case, cute! Check out these cute sandwiches! We’re convinced they are the cutest sandwiches in the world! What are ya waiting for? Go make a cute sandwich! If you do, post it on our Facebook […]

Fun Firday – Overly attached….

One of our Polished employees, Dayton shared this with us! This is her video to her boyfriend. We tried to tell her she probably shouldn’t send it to him.. but she didn’t listen! So, we’re using her as an example. Do NOT act this way, girlies! Your boyfriend will surely dump you! He he he. […]

Polished Packing

Hey Gals! (and Guys?) Our Dear Amber is on her way to Africa again for Soles4souls. During her trip, she has to go through many different countries and climates.. sometimes It’s hard to pack accordingly so we decided to do a little blog post on Polished Packing! When you’re gone for awhile, it’s often hard […]

Happy Memorial Day!

If you are going to be barbecuing today, this post will definatley come in handy! We found it on Lauren Conrad’s blog! We LOVE her! I’ve always considered Memorial Day as the unofficial kick-off to fabulous summer barbeques. Now that my mind is already set on lazy weekends, mountainside picnics, and warm weathered gatherings, it’s time to […]

Polish Boutique on National T.V. Featuring CBN’s Mom of the Year!

We can’t help but be excited that our store was on a nationally syndicated t.v. show! That’s right! We had the pleasure of sharing a special moment with CBN’S Mom of the Year! She is from Mobile and has an amazing story of grace, strength and hope. She’s been through a lot and is definately […]