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Polish Your Momma!

Happy Mother’s day to all of the pretty mommies out there! Today, we are celebrating Mother’s day! We love our mommas and what better way to show our love than to Polish them at Polish!? That’s exactly what Mandy and Amber did to their mommy, Mrs. Karla! Isn’t she radiant? She’s a nut and it’s […]

A Polished Approved Recipe!

Have you heard of The Pioneer Woman? No, not the one from Little House on the Prairie that chops wood and eats beef jerky for breakfast. The REAL Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummund? She lives In Oklahoma, raises 4 kids, several dogs, cows, wild mustangs and her husband. She also cooks.. REALLY well. She even has […]


We aren’t having a wish list today! We know you’re sad but we know one thing that would make you even sadder and that’s censorship of the Internet! This is a great article explaining a little more about the issue and what the Internet would be like after SOPA: The reason everyone’s getting so upset […]

A Polished Recipe

Don’t you hate it when you can’t think of anything to cook for dinner? We sure do so we are going to share a recipe with you that you will definitely want to try! It’s a light and fresh Chicken Taco recipe that has it’s own lime cilantro slaw. It’s a quick, simple recipe that […]

We Resolve to LAYER!

If you haven’t noticed we’ve touched a bit on resolutions this week. Resolutions are often stuffy and hard to keep but we’ve made some resolutions that have more to do with fashion and fun! We don’t think they’ll be stuffy or hard to keep! If you follow any of our media outlets, you will notice […]

What are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

We’ve been thinking and thinking and we just can’t decide how we want to spend New Years! So, we thought, “Why not ask our readers?” So, we’re asking and we’re hoping you tell us because we NEED ideas! Here’s a fun little diddy we thought you’d enjoy on the subject: If you already have plans […]

Polish Picks: GREEN for Holiday Parties

Today we have a video for Polish Picks. We are too excited to not share some of our favorite holiday dresses with you! We could not be more excited about the Christmas season! Only 27 days left until Christmas! We are thinking about what to wear to all of the fun parties we have! Are […]

Polish Friday (we’re too cool to call it black friday)

Watch as Mandy shops from our $5 and $10 Polish Friday Racks! Polish Bel-Air is opening at 5:00 A.M. and will have $5 and $10 Clothing Racks! They will also have purses for 25% until 9 A.M.! With all of the cute clothes on the super affordable racks, you are sure to find something! Mandy […]

Polish Boutique at Mistletoe Market!

Have you heard of Mistletoe Market? Well, it’s put on by the Junior League of Jackson. It’s a huge marketplace that houses hundreds of vendors from all around the country. Our girls are there and they showing the folks of Jackson what Polish Boutique is all about! If you live in Mississippi or want to […]

Thrifty Thursday!

Today we have a special post! We are featuring our Sunset Santa Fe dress! It’s currently on the sale rack at Polish Boutique for just $20! Isn’t that amazing? We think so! First of all, it’s a super cute and comfy dress. Secondly, you can easily transition it into fall with just a few key […]