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Trending Tuesday – Our Spring Favorites

I realize we just showed a video from Wendy’s look book on Friday but this is her latest video and I thought it incredibly appropriate for today’s Trending Tuesday post! YIPPEE! I love how Wendy always knows just what to wear with the latest trends! She knows her stuff. Have a great Tuesday! Thanks for […]

Trending Tuesday – Animal Printed Nails!

Grrrrowl! We know that fun fingernails are all the rage right now. So we wanted to share this nifty tutorial we found from! Who doesn’t love leopard? Well, we have your leopard print nail tutorial right here! Check it out: Pretty, right? Here are the steps – Cheetah print nails have been around for […]

Trending Tuesday – Floral Revival

Ok, so of course we love flowers and are so happy to see that spring blooms are sporadically popping up around town (in Mobile). First, it was the Japanese magnolias, then, some Crepe Myrtles. Now, cherry trees, red bud trees and pretty, yellow jasmine blooms are all coming and going! I love the blasts of […]

Trending Tuesday: Fabulous Fade

Colors are not only getting brighter for Spring 2012, they are also getting lighter! Cotton candy hues marched down the runways for spring 2012 and are making their way into Polish! Be sure to stop by our store. You’ll find Easter-egg-like colors popping onto our shelves and beckoning you to buy them for your Spring […]

Trending Tuesday: Neon

As we continue to go through this wet and muggy weather, we can’t help but look forward to Spring. When Spring comes, so comes 2012 Spring fashion! We are elated to report on some of the trends for the season. One of our favorites is NEON! Neon was marching up and down the runways at […]

Trending Tuesday: Tangerine Tango Pantone 2012 Color of the year!

We could not be more excited about the Color of the year. TANGERINE TANGO! The name says it all, fun, festive and sultry! What’s not to love? Not only is this color pretty, it’s pretty for all skin types! So embrace it and love it and wear it all year long. Polish has everything you […]

Trending Tuesday: Girl Cute vs. Boy Cute

Have you ever noticed that many men think the fashion we love is ridiculous? We might love a popping shade of lipstick and they just think it gets in the way… or what about a top knot? We think, “Lauren Conrad has such great style with her cute giant top knot bun! I want my […]

Trending Tuesday: GEEK CHIC

If you haven’t noticed, GEEK CHIC is trending right now. We liked this look before it was “in” but since it is so popular now, we’ll talk about it today. We love the thick rimmed glasses that we’ve seen everywhere lately! Many people pair these with complementary nerdy clothing but our favorite is when people […]

Trending Tuesday: PRINT

We haven’t had a real trending Tuesday in awhile and we can’t help but talk about some trends we’ve noticed lately. One, in particular that I am drawn to and that is print…print of all shapes, sizes and colors. Oh how it excites me, mainly because I usually stray away from print. I’m hoping to […]

Trending Tuesday: Pajamas!

We love a pajama party and that’s exactly what we had to celebrate Christmas together with our employees! Here’s a fun little video with all of the highlights… enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo