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Trending Tuesday: Jewel Tones

When I think of Jewel Tones, I think of Crayola Markers. I know.. that’s so weird but you remember, right? Not the classic colors (ROYGBIV), but the other pack! The pack that had turquoise, magenta, cyan, sienna, marigold…yeah… the Bold colors: I always wanted both packs. You really needed to have both packs to complete […]

Trending Tuesday: Cross Body Bags

We are hot for Cross Body bags right now and we think that if you are going to partake in any of the fall trends, this would be the one to participate in. Why? Because these bags are fashionable, comfortable and sit conveniently on shoulder while crossing around your body and onto your hip. They’re […]

Trending Tuesday: Leopard Print

God knew what he was doing when He created the Leopard. The Leopard is one of the most fashionable creatures in the jungle! I think even the King of the Jungle¬†might be a little jealous of the Leopard’s speckled and spotted coat. You don’t have to be jealous though. Leopard print is everywhere this fall. […]

Trending Tuesday: Polka Dots

As we approach fall, we keep a watchful eye on the many trends that are on their way to us. We know that the wearable fashions that we purchase have been greatly influenced by the top fashion houses in Paris, Milan, New York and many other places. We want to shed a little light on […]