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DIY Wine Cork Board

For those of you moving into dorms and new apartments, you may want a cute way to display your school treasures! I remember taking great pride in my bulletin board from high school. It boasted of homecoming ribbons, stickers, photos of close friends and many a ticket stub. Why not do a “grown up” version […]

Polish Approved – S’mores Bars!

We LOVE a good camp fire and what’s better than a camp fire? S’MORES, of course! One of my favorite memories is gathering around the camp fire (or microwave on rainy days) and creating this miraculous and delicious confectionery creation. I don’t know many people that haven’t had s’mores but if you haven’t, you need […]

Matte and Shiny DIY Manicure!

I LOVE this manicure! I once did something similar while painting my house. I used a matte finish and a glossy paint finish to do stripes. It worked! Why not apply the same to your nails? One of the reasons I like it so much is because it’s subtle.. not over the top like so […]

How to ask a guy out! (Just in case you were thinking about it)

We just HAD to share this! It was too true and funny not to! Enjoy! Remember, girlies.. the guy should pursue YOU! Not the other way around! And… if the guy is interested in you and is too afraid to tell you, then you don’t want to be with him anyway! Maybe a little old […]

Fun Friday – Great ways to wear Summer Dresses!

You know we love Wendy’s Look Book around here. One of her latest videos is a great one! Teaching us to think differently about dresses and dressing in genearl. Do you have a “go-to” dress that you want to wear even more than you already do but fear that people will think, “she’s wearing THAT […]

Check it out! 1 dress THREE WAYS! Talk about a worthy Investment!

We like getting the most bang for our buck and why shouldn’t we? When it comes to buying clothes, most people think about how many different ways they can wear an outfit or a particular item of clothing. Sometimes,we feel limited when it comes to styling but all you need are a few good accessories […]

Emily Maynard is Polished! Get the look!

If you are like most girls and LOVE watching The Bachelorette, then you will LOVE this post. It’s all about Emily Maynard’s style. We think she is always Polished and we just can’t get enough of her creative ensembles. She always knows how to add the perfect finishing touches! If you like Emily’s style then […]

Another Hair Do!

Do you do your hair a lot? I find myself throwin’ it up in the ugliest of buns just to get it off of my neck! It’s hot out there… sometimes long braids are still too hot so I got excited when I saw this cool do (From The Beauty Department, of course). Of course, […]