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Dance! Dance!

Happy Thursday. We don’t have much to say except for this: DO IT! LIVE!

Fun Friday: We’re thankful for cute outfits!

Watch as Mandy shows us some great options for any Thanksgiving affair! From casual to formal, you’ll be dressed with flare! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of belly room in these cute outfits! All of these cute clothes are available in store and some are available online! We hope you enjoy the holiday! Thanks for watching/reading! […]

Fall Friday

Today is, of course, another fabulous Fall Friday! We are excited because it’s actually starting to feel like fall. YAY! And now for a very important announcement! We are posting our first ever video! (pause for applause) Understand that this is our first video… please be kind. We aren’t quite skilled in the art of […]

Fall Friday

After the weather we’ve had all week I’d say it’s finally starting to feel like fall, however, I am pretty sure it won’t last… at least in Mobile, that is. So until it does starting feeling cooler all day and everyday, we are still embracing the summer solstice! The good thing, of course, is that […]

Quick like Grits

We have a “Fall Friday” but it will be blogged about on Saturday, which we realize contradicts the name but we didn’t want you guys to think that we forgot! Have a great night and stay tuned for a great Fall Friday post tomorrow!

Wish List Wednesday

Today is Wish List Wednesday (What? We like Alliteration!) where we compile our latest wish list of what we’ve been drooling over! Over hear at Polish, we are beginning to think we need to redefine our work space. It works, but we would like it to be more inspiring, bright and of course, Polished. So […]