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Wednesday Wishlist: Holly’s Wishes

We have another fun wish list! It comes from Holly, a local blogger and crafter-extrodinaire! Meet Holly. She’s from Dothan, Alabama also known as the peanut capital of the world! She and her husband Eric have been married for 13 years and they have a 10 year old son named Caleb.  Holly is a stay […]

Wish List Wednesday: Erin’s Wishes!

Meet Erin! Erin is a mommy of two beautiful children, Sophia, age 2, and Elias, 5 months!  She and her husband, Sebastian moved to Toronto, CA 10 months ago to work with university students doing leadership development and they absolutely love it!  They also recently moved from Krakow, Poland which was a wonderful time in […]

Wish List Wednesday: Amy’s wishes!

Amy is a dear friend of Polish Boutique. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and often shops from our online Boutique, Amy is a wife, mother and orthodontist assistant. When she’s not putting braces on people’s teeth, she’s often shopping for clothes! Since she’s been a mommy, she’s put her wardrobe on the back […]


We aren’t having a wish list today! We know you’re sad but we know one thing that would make you even sadder and that’s censorship of the Internet! This is a great article explaining a little more about the issue and what the Internet would be like after SOPA: The reason everyone’s getting so upset […]

Wish List Wednesday: Dana

Today we have a wish list from a local mom that Loves Polish! She is a mother of 2 beautiful red-headed girls, an awesome singer, funny, inspiring, and a Facebook extraordinaire…. Seriously, she posts the most hilarious things! All Images from Google Image Search   1.  Hobo Wallet.  Sure, I have a cute wallet – […]

Wishlist Wednesday: Jacky’s wishes!

We are so excited to have Jacky of Velvet Events contribute to our blog by sharing her wish list with us today! Jacky is an amazing event planner from L.A.! Not only does she have amazing party planning style, she also has great taste when it comes to fashion! We love her knowledge of labels […]

Wednesday Wishlist: Kelly’s Wishes

Sure, you’re probably wondering how anyone could have a wish list this soon after Christmas but if you are really honest with yourself we are pretty certain that even you could name a few things that you are still wishing for! Plus, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s never too soon to […]

Wednesday Wish List: John’s Wishes

Today’s 4th and final Christmas wish list comes from John Calderone! John is a CPA in Mobile. Like many men from around this area, John loves to hunt but when he’s not shooting wild game, he enjoys crafting things from lumber. He’s a real man’s man. If your fella is a man’s man that enjoys […]

Wednesday Wishlist: Marques Ivy’s Wishes

We apologize for our absence. We’ve missed you! We are happy to say that the Holidays have treated us well and we’ve just been really busy fulfilling orders! Thankfully, today, we’ve had the chance to get our wish list ready to share with you and are so excited to introduce you to Marques Ivy! Marques […]

Wednesday Wish List: Benji’s wishes:

Some call him Benjamin, some call him Ben. I? I call him Benji. He’s my brother and that is his name. My brother, Benji lives in Fort Worth Texas. He is a music teacher and a mind molder. When he’s not chasing his 1 year old son, Gibson around, he is turning wood, smoking his […]