Fun Friday and Equi Kids!

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Today, we have a cool post about Equi Kids! Mandy and Amber’s sister, Ashley is involved with the organization called Equi Kids in Virginia. Equi Kids strives to provide, promote and support equine assisted activities for individuals who have mental, physical, emotional, social or learning disabling conditions. Why is Equi Kids so great? Their therapeutic riding program enables students and adults to experience a world without disabilities! Of course this involves a horse…many horses, actually, and if you know anything about horses you know they like to eat.. a lot!  The upkeep of the animals, the facility and staff is very costly but totally worth it. To raise money, Equi Kids is hosting their Annual Stall Ball so that they may continue to enrich people’s daily lives.

The question is… what does one wear to a Stall Ball? Well, Mandy is here to help us answer that question! From Dresses to denim, she will show you how to bring it “down home” for a Barn Bash Benefit! Check it out:

Aren’t those some great ideas? The great thing about those outfits is that you can wear them for other things as well! Especially down in the South where Country is King and Southerners are always having some sort of social event that involves a bonfire, country music and fried chicken! SO even if you aren’t going to Equi Kid’s Stall Ball, you could still use any of these cute ensembles in your closet!

Virginia is not the only state that participates in Equine therapy. Camp Rap-a-hope does as well, and they are local. If you’d like more info on helping a local organization like Equi Kids, check out there website here. If you’d like to donate to Equi Kids, check out their website here.

We hope you’ve been inspired by this organization! We think that their mission is amazing and can’t help but be inspired! We love that Ashley is involved with Equi Kids and hope that the Stall Ball is truly a success!

Thanks for reading! Giddy Up!


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