Fun Friday – Life Happens

By Polish

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Sometime life just sucks, right? But when you think about it, I’m pretty certain that when I think my problems are bad, the guy next to me is probably going through something even worse.

Life Happens. It just.. does. So you can either sulk about it or get up and dance. That’s why we like this cute little diddy. It’s beachy and fun…The people in it are beautiful and they clearly live wonderful lives in sunny California and they have a cute dog and they’re of course their life is good but the video/song still has a pretty good message in it, so just check it out! It’s a great way to start the weekend!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the day! You’re problems (and mine) are NOT as bad as you (or I) think!


“Life Happens and most of it’s out of your hands so why don’t you get up and dance… just dance!”

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