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I’ve been sans purse for awhile now because my iphone carrier is a wallet. I LOVE not having to tote around a big bag but I’ve been tipping my toe in the water of handbags and am thinking about investing in a new bag. I saw this video and thought it was something to consider when buying a bag! Just how versatile do I want my bag to be? I’m obsessed with this bag right now! It’s totally my style and I think I would get tons of use out of it but it’s more than I’ve ever spent on a bag before! (I just can’t justify it!) So now I can ask myself… “Will this bag be this versatile and can it be dressed up enough to justify this costly purcahse?” What do you think? My husband would say no! he he he… Just some ideas to think about when purchasing an investment bag.

Cool, huh!?

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