If Polish Boutique were a Football Team…

By Polish

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If Polish had a football team, the colors would be Coral and Glitter.  Our mascot would be a Pygmy. Our cheerleaders would hand out free cotton candy and cream soda! Sophia Grace and Rosie would be our team’s commentators. Everyone would want to come to our football games! All of the fans would understand that it’s just a game and meant to be fun. No one would ever poison the other team’s pretty trees. Everyone would be kind to one another and give one another high fives and hugs. This sounds like the football team in heaven if you ask me! Pure Polished Bliss Sprinkled with Glitter and sunshine!

(Our Mascot! His name is Tiger Lilly)

(Our commentators.. Sophia Grace and Rosie!)

We hope you’ll come to our football games! They’ll be coming to a city near you. (Not really, but I just wasn’t sure how to end this.)
Happy Wednesday! xoxox

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