No White? Yeah Right!

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The only thing that should stress you out when wearing white is coffee stains, not outdated notions that it is a season-specific hue. White has been popping up on fall/winter runways the past few seasons, and this year winter white is definitely shaping up to be a key player.

When shopping for winter whites make sure to look for heftier pieces and steer clear of flimsy, sheer fabrics. That being said, clever styling can help you bring your summer whites into cooler months. Use layering and mixed textures to give your lighter pieces weight. And don’t be afraid to mix in shades of off-white and cream.

So instead of spending Labor Day folding up your whites, get inspired for wearing them year round.  (source:

Here’s are a few ways to incorporate white into your wardrobe:

(source: college candy)

Don’t be afraid to wear white… You can do it and Polish can help you!


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