Pregnant and Polished

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We think pregnant ladies are some of the most radiant people! It’s silly, but they really do glow. We’ve never been pregnant before, but we know that even when you’re pregnant, you still want to look and feel beautiful! That’s why we’re happy to help anyone pregnant find cute clothes that will still work with the cute baby bump they have! Believe it or not, there are clothes in Polish Boutique and online that will work! It’s all about dressing for your body. Buying flowy blouses or empire wasted dresses. It is possible to do and we’ve got proof!

Meet Joanna! She is having her sweet little one in June, so she’s pretty far along but that doesn’t stop her from dressing fabulously! She came by the store one day and bought this dress to wear and that gave us the idea… Pregnant girls CAN shop at Polish! It is just all about finding what works! Here are some things that worked on Joanna! Isn’t she beautiful?

Joanna likes comfortable and this dress IS comfortable! Plus, she is wearing heels.. but they are wedges, which are always easier to walk in.

We have similar styles to this one on our website here.*

We also love this one shoulder dress. Doesn’t she look beautiful!

This pink, one shoulder dress is available in our store in pink and in taupe. A similar dress to this one can be found on our site here.*

We love this cute, boho look too! It’s so comfy looking –

This next look would be cute for Memorial Day! If it’s too hot, you can always wear shorts instead of jeans. The floppy hat is a MUST, though!

Notice how flattering this blouse is! You can hardly tell that Joanna is even pregnant! This blouse is available in our store along with other colors. You can also find similar styles on our site here.*

We love all of these looks! It just goes to show you that you can be Polished AND Pregnant! We hope this gives you an idea of some styles that would work with your cute baby bump! Again, if you aren’t sure how to dress for your new body shape, come by Polish and we will help you! xoxo

Thanks for reading and thanks, Joanna for modeling for us!

*** Please note that if there are any items that we feature on our blog post OR on our facebook page that you are interested in purchasing but they are not available online, You may do a call-in order to our store at 251.479.4144 and order them that way.


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