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The South Alabama Dance team is SO Polished!

Last Friday, the South Alabama dance team graced us with their presence and let us dress them up in Jaguar Gameday gear! We dressed them head to toe in red and blue! These girls know how to show team spirit on and off the field whether they are in their dance team uniform or in […]

No White? Yeah Right!

The only thing that should stress you out when wearing white is coffee stains, not outdated notions that it is a season-specific hue. White has been popping up on fall/winter runways the past few seasons, and this year winter white is definitely shaping up to be a key player. When shopping for winter whites make […]

If Polish Boutique were a Football Team…

If Polish had a football team, the colors would be Coral and Glitter.  Our mascot would be a Pygmy. Our cheerleaders would hand out free cotton candy and cream soda! Sophia Grace and Rosie would be our team’s commentators. Everyone would want to come to our football games! All of the fans would understand that […]

The Inverted Braid! BEST (and fastest) BRAID EVER!

Ok. I’ve seen this braid on famous people and always thought their hairdo person was just a really GREAT fishtail braids but it turns out that this “fishtail” is not a fishtail at all! It’s actually an inverted braid! My friend, Bevin pinned this to me on Pinterest and I got so excited when I […]

Polish your Hurricane Party!

With Issac on it’s way to the Gulf Coast, we Polish gals can’t help but think about how will welcome him. Sure, Hurricanes are force to be reckoned with but this one will be a category 1. We’re hoping we’ll all be off from work and will get to have a Hurricane Party with our […]

Get the most out of your bag!

I’ve been sans purse for awhile now because my iphone carrier is a wallet. I LOVE not having to tote around a big bag but I’ve been tipping my toe in the water of handbags and am thinking about investing in a new bag. I saw this video and thought it was something to consider […]

Let’s talk about Fall Trends for 2012

Who’s ready for autumn? Pick me! Pick me! I long for the days that I can throw on my skinny jeans and classic riding boots and be chic, comfortable and cool. I hate sweat! Who’s with me!? As our summer days are nearing an end, we look forward to the fashions of fall! What’s trending […]

DIY Wine Cork Board

For those of you moving into dorms and new apartments, you may want a cute way to display your school treasures! I remember taking great pride in my bulletin board from high school. It boasted of homecoming ribbons, stickers, photos of close friends and many a ticket stub. Why not do a “grown up” version […]