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Happy Thursday! We have an exciting post today. We are featuring someone who rarely gets in front of the camera but we MADE her today! In addition to that special person, we also have the lovely Christian. She doesn’t mind posing for a pic or two and if she does, she doesn’t show it. See? Right there we have two very different personalities. Let’s see if that makes a difference in the way the style up the same dress.

First, we have Rachel. (The Anti-Picture Taker) Rachel is the gal behind the scenes. She. Does. It. All. Seriously! Her favorite past time? Dumpster diving! That’s right folks, this girl isn’t afraid to rescue one man’s trash in order for us to make it a treasure! In addition to dumpster diving, she’s a karaoke aficionado.. while that’s not really Polish related, we wanted to embarrass her the best way we knew how. (Hi Rachel!) Rachel’s personality is outgoing and fun with helpfulness on the side. Let’s see how that translates to this dress:

We think Rachel is an Understated Fashionista! Her clothes are muted because her personality is so bright! We love it!

Next up we have Christian! Christian is a tall drink of water! At first, she seems very quiet. She is very poised and exudes confidence. She is responsible and a very hard worker. An athlete, Christian worked very hard to get to play basketball in college! She is determined. We also think that if no one were looking, Christian would drop it like it’s hot! (We know your secret, Christian!) She likes to cut a rug every now and then! (Who doesn’t?) This is how she styled the same (but different colored) dress:

Christian looks so fun and flirty in this ensemble. While her personality seems a little more introverted, her style is not! This girl likes to dress up and loves bright colors. She especially loved the color combination here because it’s South Alabama colors and she is a South Alabama Alumni! (GO JAGS!)

Thanks to Christian and RACHEL for modeling for us today! Their personalities are what make them special and we wouldn’t change a single thing about them! We love these girls! They may have different personalities but one thing is for sure! They. Are. Polished!

These dresses, shoes and accessories are available in store only.

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