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I love when I am shopping and one of my friends hands me a dress and says, “This is SO you.” For one thing, it gives me a hint as to how people see me and then also what they think about my personal style and my personality. I find it interesting that 9 times out of 10, when my friends hand me something to try on, they are usually spot on! They always know what I will like. This has so much to do with my personality and my style.When I wear something, I try to put my “signature” on it. I try to make it original, even if it’s not.

Take this cute little Romper Katrina is wearing. Katrina can be more reserved at times but she also likes to let loose from time to time. She is attending Alabama in the fall and is rapidly increasing the amount of black, white and crimson in her closet. Katrina enjoys dressing up but she doesn’t go crazy. She likes this romper because it speaks for itself. She paired it with black wedges and a black bag. She is also wearing a silver feather necklace. She will stand out in a sea of crimson and will look fun and fancy-free! Later, she could easily change the accessories to make this Romper more glamorous or she could even and flats and tone it down for class. This romper is incredibly versatile!

Next, we have Mandy! Mandy loves life and loves to laugh. She is obsessed with all things related to fashion. She is well versed in the art of styling. Her personal style is the perfect example of how you can take something cute, but common, and give it your mark. Here, she took a bright yellow cardigan, threw it over the same romper that Katrina wore and added a belt. She paired it with some wedges and she has a completely different look that is a little more conservative but still very fun!

We think this Romper looks great on both girls and we love how they took it and gave it their mark.

Don’t be afraid to wear things differently then you may see them on the mannequin. Add, take away and add again. Break the rules. Wear what YOU like, regardless if it’s on the “it list” or not. And most of all, be yourself….everyone else is already taken.

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