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It’s Polish Personality Thursday! 2 girls. 2 personalities. 1 dress. 2 looks. Let’s see what they’ve come up with!

First up we have Hannah. Hannah is very smart, innovative and a little funky. Hannah listens to great music, she enjoys the classics and thrives on adventure. She’s going all the way to Minnesota for college this year! (We will miss you, Hannah) Until then, she’s been modeling for us and is so FIERCE! We love Hannah’s style. She has great personal style to be so young and we always love to see how she will style up an outfit and make it her own. That’s exactly what she did with this particular look:

Hannah did not see this piece as just another pretty Polish dress. She saw it as a time machine, taking her back to the days of speakeasies, flappers, jazz and the Roaring Twenties! She styled it up with several long golden necklaces and finished the look with golden flats. We love this look and it’s understated glamor.

Next up we have Kaitlyn. We are still getting to know Kaitlyn as she is one of our new employees! What we do know about Kaitlyn is that she is a traditional gal that likes to get gussied up but believes strongly in the “less is more” philosophy, which is why she has minimal jewelry here:

Ladies, one of the most beautiful parts of a woman is her Décolletage. Save the jewelry for the wrist or the ears, which is what Kaitlyn did here and is stunning! She paired this dress with gold and silver accessories (yes, it’s ok to mix metals) and the outcome is classic, refined and bold. We’re guessing that says a lot about her personality! We’ll find out more as we get to know her, but it’s neat to see how the way someone styles something or the way they dress will often speak of  their personality.

These girls personalities really shine through what they are wearing which is what dressing up is all about. You can wear a pretty dress, but don’t let it take away from the person wearing it! Express yourself!

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