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Today’s Polish personalities are Amber’s and Ashley’s! They both have sparkling personalities and we love what they have chosen to wear today!

Today the girls took the same pair of red denim jeans and styled them up to fit their personality. Both girls are outgoing and charismatic, so it should be fun to see how that affects their looks!

First up, we have Ashley! Ashley is one of our new Store Managers. She is so elegant but still carefree. Most people would say she is spunky and spontaneous! Great attributes to possess! Here is what she chose to wear with the red denim:

She chose a neutral, dressy t-shirt, complete with pocket and gold button. It seems that her look gets increasingly more jubilant as you proceed to her feet. Look at those fabulous leopard flats! WE love the twinkle toes! We also love the gold clutch she chose. This is a very versatile look .You could wear it as is during the day, or add some heels for night. We think this look represents Ashley’s personality very well! Thanks, Ashley!

Next up we have Amber! Amber is goofy and gregarious. She loves to laugh and go on mini-safaris in her neighborhood. We were not surprised when she brought her banana with her to shoot pictures. She thought it would be funny and representative of her personality. We couldn’t agree more. The girl IS B-A-N-A-N-A-S! So here’s whats he chose to go along with the red denim:

Watch out, Rachel Zoe! Amber is such a fabulous stylist! We love that Amber added a black and white leopard top to go with these red jeans! Perfect for her mini-safaris! The look is tres, tres chic! Amber also took a blazer from her own closet to wear over the top. It creates a polished and complete look! We love the outcome.

Thanks to both Amber and Ashley for being our Polish Personalities today. We love their personalities and their personal style! They have a lot to offer so if you are ever in a bind and need some help styling just come ask one of these gals!

Thanks for reading!

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