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Today, we are featuring two of our employees from the Eastern Shore Polish! Meet Leah and Taylor! Leah is one of our Assistant managers. She is a fierce fashionista that gets the job done! Taylor is a senior this year. She is cool, calm and collected and goes with the flow. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand!

Let’s see how these girls make this dress their own. Check it out:

When Leah is not working, she loves to play video games! She will beat any boy when it comes to Wii Tennis! Just name the day! She also enjoys equestrian sports, such as Dressage and Hunter Jumping. We love this dress for Leah! She added a belt to define her waste and added some fun boots with a stacked heel! She has a sassy look that she will wear confidently. We think she’s going to find a date when she wears this ensemble! It’s pretty hot! Maybe she’ll even snag Jason Aldean?

We’ll call this look Iron Maiden.

Next up we have Taylor!

Taylor is a free spirit. She enjoys collecting rare butterflies and making peanut butter milkshakes. She also loves taking something traditional and making it a little more unconventional. Like this dress! We love that she transformed it into a tunicish top. She also added cute black flats wit sparkly rosettes. Look at her cute little cross body bag!

We’ll call this look The Velvet Revolver.

Maybe it’s the maroon color of this dress/tunic but it reminds us of rockers. These girls are definitely rocking! We love their distinct personalities and how that really shows through to what they wear.

What is your personality? How does it affect the way you dress? We’d love to know!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Taylor and Leah for being our picks for our Polish personalities post!


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