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So our blog is a little confused this week with the random posts that we’ve been making but don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular scheduled program next week.

TODAY is Polish Personalities and it is very special! We have Emily and Rachael. Not only are they sisters, but they are also twins! We are so excited to show you how two identical twins have VERY different personalities! This most certainly affects their style and even though they usually share clothes, their personalities still shine through in the way they style their clothes which definitely helps their friends and family distinguish them apart.

Here they are. They are side by side for effect and are wearing a cute pink dress in a classic silhouette. Let’s see how they set themselves a part:

Here, to the left, we have Emily. Emily is outgoing and carefree. She loves finding unique ways to style her outfits. Take this “scarf” for example.. it’s not even really a scarf! It’s actually a cardigan converted into a scarf. Isn’t it cute? Emily looks urban chic. She looks like she’s going to kick it in Soho for the afternoon and catch a cool indie flick in the evening with her cute boyfriend.

Emily seems sweet and quiet when you first meet her but then you soon realize that she’s pretty witty and outgoing. Emily loves building sand sculptures at the beach. She once built a giant sand bunny. “People kept stopping and looking and it eventually drew a crowd!” Emily also loves milkduds. She always keeps a box in her purse and often sneaks them in at the movies. We think her fun personality definitely plays a huge role in her style.

Here, to the right, we have Rachael! Rachael is more reserved and quiet but she loves to talk once you get to know her. She is very loyal and sweet! Rachael’s style is more conservative and classic. She loves dressing up. We think she looks like Polish Boutique Barbie!

Rachael loves to cook but especially loves to bake. She invented nutella cupcakes. They’ve taken the internet by storm. She also enjoys singing. Sometimes, Emily says she hears her singing in the shower but that she does have a pretty voice. That’s ok, Rachael… we sing in the shower too.

These girls have such distinct personalities even though they look alike. We love their personalities and their style! Thanks, girls, for being our Polish Personalities! Keep on building those sand sculptures and baking nutella cupcakes!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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