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Today’s blog post is all about dressing for yourself. What do YOU like? How would you accessorize an outfit to match your personality?

We love to see different people’s take on the same thing. We are going to use 2 of Polish Boutique’s employees to show you how their personalities affect the way they dress. Amberly and Hannah were given the same top and were asked to choose different accessories and shoes, that reflected their personality, to go along with the top. Then, we photographed them. We love the variation on this cute little floral top and love that Amberly and Hannah’s personalities are shining through.

Amberly is Sweet and Chic in this well put together ensemble. She could be headed to church. Or, if you added a cardi or blazer, this would be suitable for any working environment.

This outfit reflects Amberly’s sweet disposition and conservative manner. We love her Polish Personality and REAL Personality!

Wow! Look how different Hannah’s look is from Amberly’s! We love the juxtaposition of the floral top with the edgy accessories. Those black wedges are hot! Hannah looks edgy and modern. Which is so much like her personality! This would be a great outfit for an evening out on the town with friends.

We appreciate Hannah’s love for fashion and for having a voice in the clothes she wears. She has a great Polish Personality and real personality as well!

These girl’s have a great eye for fashion and we love how Polished they are! Clothes can be versatile, it just requires a little imagination. Remember to let your personality shine through, dress for yourself, love what you wear and don’t be afraid to break the rules!

Thanks for reading!

All of the clothes and accessories on Hannah and Amberly are available at Polish Boutique.

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