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Today we have a Polish Pick all the way from Texas! Ashley Turner of My Owlet is modeling clothes for us. She is proof that you can be a mommy and still be Polished. We know that being a mommy is a full time job and sometimes it’s tough to polish oneself when one is picking spaghetti o’s out of one’s hair but the surest way of feeling pretty again, is setting aside a little time for oneself and wearing something polished. That is just what Ashley did today and she felt beautiful, sexy and confident! Polish has plenty of mommy approved outfits to choose from! Ashley is modeling a few of them with her sweet son, Gibson.

Meet Ashley:

Ashley is a stay at home mom and blogger. She stays busy with her son, Gibson. He just turned one and is always on the go! He loves his mommy!

When we asked Ashley what she liked about this dress she said, “I love the pearl embellished shoulders. I felt so regal. I also love the color, it was a color that I would not have chosen for myself because I am on the paler side, but I actually thought that it complemented skin tone nicely.”

When we asked Ashley’s husband what he thought about the dress he said, “I liked that it looked “Old Hollywood” Ashley looked very glamorous.”

We thought so too.

Ashley’s favorite animal is a manatee. “They are the gentle giants of the gulf and even kind of cute.”, she said. She went on a trip in high school and had the opportunity to swim with them and has loved them ever since!

Ashley’s favorite food is Tomato Basil Pizza. Gibson’s is Bananas.

Ashley liked this dress. “It’s really unique with it’s shoulder cut outs and it’s also unexpectedly comfortable which is always important when I’m chasing after Gibson.”

Ashley loved these boots, too. “They make me feel like Pocahontas and because they have a flat heel, I would have no reservations about wearing them all day. They are very comfortable.”

Since Ashley is a stay at home mom, she misses adult interaction. She loves her Gibson and he loves her but she needs grownup time too. That is one of the reasons she has her blog, My Owlet. It’s a great outlet for her to communicate with real grownups! It also allows her to share her crafty, thrifty and lovely things with others. Ashley is very creative and loves creating things to make life easier and prettier. She is also a great cook and has great recipes on her website as well.

Ashley’s must have for fall is a handmade mustard yellow scarf. ” I like supporting handmade artists and what could be more cozy or chic than a knitted scarf?”

Another one of Ashley’s must haves for fall is a Pumpkin Spice Latte

We love the beautiful whipped cream. It’s perfectly Polished and Fallish.

A special thinks goes to Ashley for modeling for us! Be sure to check Ashley’s blog, My Owlet out.

You can find these outfits and more exclusively online at www.polishboutique.com

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