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The weather lately has been back and forth but that’s just how it is around here in ALABAMA! Warmer weather is on it’s way. I’ve seen the Robbins, bunnies and pollen. That means it’s here. The grass in my yard is starting to get greener and my husband’s allergies are flaring up like nobody’s business! I am thankful for the spring. Those gray weathered days make me gloomy and unmotivated so let’s welcome the Spring and Summer with open arms! Say good bye to your beloved boots and bring on the swim suits!

Since Polish does not sell Swimsuits we drummed up some of our favorites of the season! We were honestly inspired by the buxom babes of the past! Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and the like. Retro silhouettes are here and SO adorable! That’s what we are looking for this season! Of course, for more practical purposes, we’ll always have our go to classic – two piece or one piece but these bathing suits are a little more fashionable and FABULOUS. All available at Anthropologie!


Don’t you love these fabulously retro and chic silhouettes? You will look totally glamorous wearing one of these suits and will definitely stand out in a crowd or more traditional swim suits. So what do ya think?! Would you wear a retro-inspired swim suit? We sure would!

Thanks for reading! Happy SPRING!

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