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Today is another Polish Picks. We picked our very own Store Manager, Becky. Becky is a very hard worker that is dedicated to helping our customers find top notch outfits that are perfectly Polished. She is style-savvy and chic. We love the ensembles she puts together. When she’s not working at Polish, she’s hanging out outside, running, biking and partaking in any other adverb, she is a very active gal that is Polished in all aspects of life.

Becky swears she should have been a Swamp Person. She drinks out of mason jars (even at work) and rather be barefoot than in heels. (Who can blame her) Becky reminds us of an American doll. She’s beautiful and so down to Earth. We love Becky! Here she is:

Becky loves Cupcakes, Casseroles and Brussel Sprouts. She enjoys making omelets from farm fresh eggs that she gets from her mother’s hen house. “We prefer our chickens sans-hormones”.

When we asked Becky what she liked most about this outfit she said, “I love the classic silhouette of this piece. This is a dress that I can wear again and again, in the summer and easily into fall. I also love the tiny details, like the gold buttons on the sleeves. It works for day and night. The shoes are perfect, comfy, affordable and incredibly versatile.”

Becky’s adventurous side shows when she opts to climb a cardboard mountain in leopard heels. “These shoes are a wardrobe staple. Everyone needs a little leopard in their life and if they are too scared to wear it as the forefront of their outfit, they should definitely consider it for their feet or for their accessories! This skirt is classic and I like to contrast classic with contemporary, so I chose the fuchsia tank and LOVE the outcome!”

As you can see, Becky isn’t afraid of leopard. In fact, her must-have for fall are these HOT Current/Elliot Leopard Jeans:

Becky has great fashion taste but at the end of the day, she’s just a down-home kind of gal that enjoys the outdoors and drinking out of mason jars while taking care of her chickens. We know your secret, Becky! Even though you’re wearin’ those Up-town high heels, we can tell from your giant step you’ve been walkin’ through the cotton fields 😉 You’re so down… home…. girl….

A special thanks to Becky for being our Polish Picks! If you ever want Becky’s expert fashion advice, just head on over to Polish! She’s there and will lend a helping hand at any time!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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