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We have a hilarious Polish Picks today! We only wish we could show you the outtakes from this shoot because they were so fun! Meet Colleen:

Colleen is a Children’s minister at Coastal Church in Daphne. She Loves Polish and we love her so we picked her to pick her favorites from our website!

Colleen is a very energetic soul. She loves billowy blouses with skinny jeans and tall boots right now. This “top” she is wearing is actually a dress but Colleen converted it into a tunic. We love the outcome. She looks very chic.

Colleen loved this blouse! “The turquoise color is super flattering and I love the opening in the back.” We agree! We love this top. It’s super versatile.

Colleen shoots skeet in her free time and enjoys quilting. She’s a a jane of all trades! She especially loves make-up and will have bare essentials lip gloss in her bag at any given time. She’s cute, flirty and HILARIOUS! All of the qualities a Polished gal can possess!

“I love this magenta tunic. I think this color looks good on blondes. It’s very flattering and I especially love these cute shoulder cut outs! It makes it a little more unique and I am always looking for unique pieces to add to my wardrobe. I also love these Bohemian Rhapsody boots!” We could not agree more, Colleen!

We are so thankful that Colleen was willing to share her wish list for us! We love her energetic personality and we especially love her style!

You can find all of these clothes and more on our website!



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