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Who is Garance Dore? Ever heard of her? Well I have because I scour the internet for hours marinating myself in fashion blogs, photography blogs and the like. In doing so, I discovered the Sartorialist a couple of years back. His name is Scott Schuman and if you haven’t been to his blog you should stop everything RIGHT NOW and go to it! It’s here. Basically, Schuman started shooting people on the streets of New York, Venice and Milan (and more) and writing about it. He has a book composed of all of that wonderful street photography and he is starting his second book. Schuman is the beau to the Beautiful Garance Dore. They met and had a fashion romance and fell in love! Garance is a Frenchie Illustrator/Photographer who I internet stalk because I am incredibly inspired by her.

Seriously – just look at some of her illustrations –

Pretty, right? As an artist, it’s hard for me not to be inspired by these amazing illustrations! Not only is Garance a great Illustrator she is also an amazing photographer, stylist and writer! I love reading her blog! She’s super honest and charming when it comes to writing about the perils of the fashion industry, her new life in NYC and so much more! It’s also written in French but she is kind enough to have it translated to English. Of course, an Alabama girl can’t help but be a little jealous of her Glamorous Fashion life 🙂

Speaking of Glamorous Fashion life, I wanted to share with you, a series of videos where Garance documents her Fall 2012 Fashion Week experience! She is super cute and candid in these video and it’s fun to see bits and pieces of the shows.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Ok.. watch those and let us know what you think! We hope you are inspired by them like we are. Happy Monday!


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