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Today we have an exciting post featuring Kelly McKinley, friend of Polish Boutique and owner of Sweet Cheek’s. Sweet Cheek’s began because Kelly tremendously loves to bake. She started baking for friends and family and eventually decided turn her love of baking into a career. She started experimenting with various flavor combinations and loved the cake bite format. She wanted to try making cake bites and once she did, she was hooked! Kelly says, “‪Sweet Cheeks started because I think cake bites and cake pops are so cute.  The concept of a cake bite is genius and I enjoy baking, so the opportunity to experiment with different flavors was something that motivated me to start creating. Once I started creating cake bites, I soon found that I also enjoyed baking and decorating cupcakes and cakes.” We are so glad that she did! These sweet cake bites melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more!

All Sweet Cheek’s Cake Bite Images – Britta Riviera Photography

We invited Kelly over to Polish Palace (our fabulous warehouse) today to pick a few things from our website to model for us. We love cake bites and love how polished Sweet Cheek’s are, so we wanted to see how Kelly’s love for fashion translated into cake bites! Remember, you always eat with your eyes first and Kelly does a great job of creating drool-inducing desserts that have you hypnotized at first glance. All you want is another cake bite!

We asked Kelly a few fun questions. She’s a big football fan, as you will notice, and is great at making football inspired cake bites! (She’s taking orders now!) So, when we asked Kelly who her favorite football player was, she did not hesitate for a second! Her favorite football player is Alabama alum, Javier Arenas. He now plays for Kansas City and Kelly misses him greatly. “He’s so passionate about the game and is incredibly exciting to watch!” We are sure Kelly will find a new favorite this season.

Kelly’s favorite food is ice cream…. and anything chocolate! She loves the color blue and her favorite animal is Buster, her malti-poo. When we asked Kelly what her must-have item for fall was she said, “Tights of all colors! ‪I love to turn all of my “not work” Polish dresses into “work appropriate” dresses by adding tights and boots‬
or tights and heels. It’s a great way to transform any outfit and they keep my legs warm!”

Here are a few of the outfits Kelly picked today:

Kelly loves this Ruffle My Feathers dress because of the color and it’s so versatile! You can dress it up or down and it looks great with a cardigan or a light jacket. She also loved the handbag as well.

When we asked Kelly about this Black Gray Garden’s dress she said, “I like black because it’s such a classic choice and always flattering. I especially love the one shoulder style. As for the purses…well, as you can see…I loved them all! It’s hard to choose just one!”

Ok, this One Sweet Love dress is HOT! We love it and we love the confidence Kelly exudes while wearing it! Kelly said, “This dress is so much fun! I love the red! It’s the perfect dress to wear on a date, to a concert or a wedding!”

Kelly is such a Polished pal and we love her Polished Sweet Cheek’s desserts! If you would like to place and order with her, you can find out more about her sweet cheeks  on her Sweet Cheek’s facebook page!

A special thanks to Kelly for being our Polish Pick!

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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