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Today we have a very special Polish Pick! We would like to prove that Polish is timeless! Take Susan, she is a fabulous lady that has a knack for interior design. She loves Shabby Chic design and has transformed her home into a beautiful haven! We also love her style. Susan is known for layering pieces and adding glamorous accessories to define her style as truly unique and one of a kind. She loves the 1950’s and is able to transform any ensemble into something that looks as if it should have been on the set of “I Love Lucy”! See for yourself! You will love the way she makes pieces from Polish truly hers. She knows all about personal style and that, my friends, is timeless and Polished!

Susan loves to decorate interiors and herself. She loves for everything to be beautiful while maintaining functionality. This also translates to her wardrobe. She is constantly on the go, so she needs to be able to move freely in what she wears while still maintaining her polished style.

Here are a few of her interiors:

Her living room is perfect. While it is largely feminine, her husband does not mind. He loves to come home to a clean, white washed house. It’s peaceful and calming.

This is her husband’s office. It’s perfectly masculine and still maintains that shabby chic vibe. Her home has great continuity, as does her wardrobe.

This is one of the guest bedrooms. We don’t’ know about you, but we’d feel perfectly at home in this beautiful interior. It’s both chic and cozy!

Susan’s favorite animal is a bird. Her favorite color, Robin’s Egg blue. You will notice it throughout her house in all the right places.

One thing Susan does to move her wardrobe into all seasons, is pair light weight cardigans with everything! “It’s a great way to increase the longevity of any piece. I don’t care what the rules are, If I want to wear white after labor day, I will wear it! I love dressing for what I like regardless if someone else thinks it’s faux pas. I like to dress for me and what makes me happy!”

We love her “rules”!

As you can see, Susan took a strapless lace dress and added some denim, a belt and her own top to make this look truly unique and versatile! We love that she sees clothes in a completely different way! It is definitely going to challenge us to look at our closet in a new light!

We think Susan is perfectly fabulous in her kitchen! Don’t you love how she took this dress, added a floral top under it and adorned herself in beautiful pearls! She is super creative with her clothes and would encourage you to be the same!

Susan always has one of a kind ensembles that set her apart from everyone else and we think that is awesome! In a world where there are too many look-a-likes, it’s incredibly refreshing to find someone that has their own style to show. We could definitely learn a lot from Susan and that is why she is a timeless Polish Pick!

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in having Susan Howard consult you on your home, be sure to contact us at info@polishboutique.com and we will make it happen!

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