Polish Picks: Taylor, Emma, Shawna and Ashley of The Jaguar’s Soccer Team!

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Sorry for the late Polish Picks but it will be well worth the wait! We have 4 soccer players from the University of South Alabama as our Polish Picks today! They are all from different parts of the country, but still seem to be interested in the same types of clothes. Introducing:

These girls arrived in South Alabama sweatshirts and rain boots! They didn’t expect to be Polish picks but we picked them and they obliged. When they aren’t playing soccer, they can be found shopping at the mall, getting dinner with friends and studying.

First, we have Taylor Morgale. She’s a scuba diving West Virginian! She loved this billowy blouse and added her own leggings and some of our hot black pumps for an over all polished and sassy look.

Not only is Taylor fierce on the soccer field, she’s also fierce in front of the camera! Watch out America’s Next Top Model! 🙂

Next up, we have Emma Aylala. She is a native Floridian. She speaks Spanish and loves animals! Her favorite animal happens to be a Giraffe.

She is a hard worker on and off the field!

After Emma, we have Shawna Trunca. Shawna is from up north and experienced a little bit of a culture shock when she first arrived down south. She misses skiing and snowboarding but loves the beaches and warm weather down here.

She added this cute blue and billowy blouse with her own leggings. We love her shoes! They are so sassy!

And lastly, we have Ashley Hammons! Ashley is from Ohio! She can’t wait to get home so she can ride her new dirt bike. This girl was cracking all of us up. She exudes confidence on and off the field — so watch out!

We love that all of these girls made it down to the south and especially made it down to Polish Boutique! The great thing is that when they do go home they can still shop with us online!

All of these girls contribute to their team. They work together to win. The Jag’s soccer team is having a great season this year, too! We can’t help but think that the’se girls played an integral part in making that happen! Just look at their game faces:

They are tough — and you have to be to play soccer but these girls can also turn up the heat off the field. Here, they are all HOT and Polished!

They are good sports when it comes to sports and fashion. We appreciate them participating in our Polish Picks. When we asked them what their must haves for fall were they kept is simple: “Leggings, sweatshirts and UGGS!”

We hear ya! That sounds fabulously comfortable! Thanks for being our Polish Picks! We hope you have a great season!

If you’d like more information the Women’s Soccer team, you can check out their site here.

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