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Happy Mother’s day to all of the pretty mommies out there! Today, we are celebrating Mother’s day! We love our mommas and what better way to show our love than to Polish them at Polish!? That’s exactly what Mandy and Amber did to their mommy, Mrs. Karla! Isn’t she radiant? She’s a nut and it’s true that apple does not fall far from the tree because Mandy and Amber’s are nuts too! FUN!

Mommas, if you are are reading, if you think you are too “old” to dress cute, THINK AGAIN! That is a lie! You don’t have to wear wind suits and giant floral button ups. You can dress cute. It’s ok! Girls like us celebrate when we see a sassy momma walking around.. we secretly hope we’ll be half as cute when we’re older. Celebrate your aged-to-perfection self! Younger momma’s – you too! You deserve it!

Next, the girls went all out in NEON! Talk about electric! So fun!

You can tell that laughter is abundant with this crowd… they know how to have fun!

So when you’re thinking about what to get your mother for mother’s day.. come to Polish! Our girls will help you Polish your momma!

Happy Friday!


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