See Mandy and Amber get their faces Polished by local Makeup Artist, Logan!

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Don’t you love playing dress up? It seems like we get so busy sometimes that we forget to spend time on ourselves. I know I do! Ha, I usually put my makeup on in the car! We understand that you are busy but we want you to remember that spending a little time on your look is ok! In fact, we encourage it. The difference a little eyeliner makes or lip stick can brighten your entire face and cause you to be super confident! Today, we’ve invited our friend Logan, from Nouveau, to come and do make up for us. He not only works at Nouveau but is also a freelance makeup artist. He is very knowledgeable on make up tips and trends. We can’t wait to tell you about it! So read on and find out how to be completely Polished!

We asked Logan to do a fresh face and a party face. Mandy and Amber dressed the part too!

Here’s the Fresh Face:

The first step is to, of course, put on moisturizer and a good foundation. Logan explained that the “Natural Look” doesn’t always mean minimal make up… it means looking like you’re wearing minimal makeup.

Step 1 – Use a nice neutral eye shadow deeper then your skin tone. Put it all over your eye lid.

Step 2 – Add a highlighter. It should be lighter than the previous color you used. Use it on the brow bone and lightly coat the lid.

Step 3 – It’s all about eyeliner! Especially this season. It doesn’t always have to be black. Logan used a dark brown on Amber. He also said you don’t necessarily have to go out and spend a fortune on liquid eyeliner. He said any liquid or gel from a department store will do. A good way to mix it up a bit is to do minimal makeup with a colored eyeliner like blue or purple. Logan recommends winging the tip of the liner.

Step 4 – Add Mascara. Again, Logan recommends a very affordable mascara like Great Lash. You can get it from any drug store! A great tip that Logan taught us is to add mascara to the top of the lashes as well. It takes practice but the effect is a voluminous lash that will really make your eyes pop!

Step 5 – For bright summery skin, Logan uses the Roll on Cream Blush from Nars. You can get similar products at Ulta or Sephora. He added a light coat on the apples of Amber’s cheeks. Apply Cream Blush with a foundation brush. Layer over it with a powder blush. Logan said that the great thing about cream blush is that it’s very light and transparent but also very buildable. If you want more saturated color, you can achieve that. I think the cream blush gives Amber a nice summery glow!

Step 6 – Top it off with Bronzer. According to Logan, Bronzer is the finishing touch to any summer look. Bronzer works best by the way you apply it. Logan did a “W” application on each side of the face. Across the temple, cheekbone and then down the side of the face.

Step 7 – If you are going to do a neutral lip, Logan recommends liner… unless you want to look dead. Logan lined the lips and then applied a nude lip color that had a little shimmer. He finished it off with a neutral gloss.

Here’s Amber finished look! She added this Bubble Gum colored shift. We think she looks so fresh and so mod!

For the next look, we did a night time look… or as Logan called it, A “Party Girl” look! It is fun! Check it out –

Step 1 – Here, Logan is adding Pewter colors over Mandy’s entire lid.

Step 2 – After he covered Mandy’s entire lid with a dark shade, he highlighted it with Silver on the brow bone.

Step 3 – He topped that off with a dark and somewhat shimmery liquid eye liner. He recommends going straight across the lid once and then building upon that for a deeper and more dramatic finish. Logan also recommends winging it out on the side for a dramatic Cleopatra look. Here, Logan does say that Q-Tips are a girl’s best friend and that when mistakes happen (and they will) use a q-tip!

Step 4 – Add Mascara. Don’t forget to Roll mascara on the top of your eyelashes for a super voluminous look!

Step 5 – Since this is a party girl look, Logan added a nice sheer and glittery overlay.

Step 6 – Fill in your eyebrows to shape and darken them with a dark eye shadow.

Step 7 – Logan added the same brand of cream blush in a bright pink color. Again, you can use this sparingly or build it up. Another tip Logan told us about is to invest in good brushes. Sometimes we are tempted to invest in our makeup, buying the most expensive makeup we can get our hands on, when in fact, we should put that money towards brushes. Brushes will make the application of your makeup go on more accurately and efficiently. He also said that if you invest in good brushes and take care of them, they will sometimes last up to 10 years!

Step 8 – The Bright lip is really popular for this season. Add liner and fill in the lip. Cover that with a nice gloss.

Your look will be fun and festive! You will definitely be ready for a night on the town!

We love this dress Mandy is wearing! We have it in the store –

And here the girls are together –

How cute!

So whether your are looking for fresh day time look or a fun night time look, Logan can help you! He does makeup for wedding, mardi gras balls, various events and even Halloween! If you want to contact him email him at or call him at 251.716.3527.

Thanks, Logan for coming out and doing our makeup and making us Polished!





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