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Fun Firday – Overly attached….

One of our Polished employees, Dayton shared this with us! This is her video to her boyfriend. We tried to tell her she probably shouldn’t send it to him.. but she didn’t listen! So, we’re using her as an example. Do NOT act this way, girlies! Your boyfriend will surely dump you! He he he. […]

Fun Friday –

Have you met Alana? She’s a special contestant from the show, Toddlers and Tiaras. We are pretty sure she is the BEST pageant contestant ever.. she’s even better than the “Such as, such as girl”! IF you haven’t watched it, please do.. if you have, we already know you’ll watch it again. (Just click the […]

Wish List Wednesday: Dana

Today we have a wish list from a local mom that Loves Polish! She is a mother of 2 beautiful red-headed girls, an awesome singer, funny, inspiring, and a Facebook extraordinaire…. Seriously, she posts the most hilarious things! All Images from Google Image Search   1.  Hobo Wallet.  Sure, I have a cute wallet – […]

Polish Personalities

Today we have Belle and Rose. They have such great names! They also have great personalities. They chose a dress that we now have in the store. It’s the perfect cocktail dress and would be great for Homecoming! Here’s how they styled it: Rose – Rose is a Senior this year and is ready for […]