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Trending Tuesday: Jewel Tones

When I think of Jewel Tones, I think of Crayola Markers. I know.. that’s so weird but you remember, right? Not the classic colors (ROYGBIV), but the other pack! The pack that had turquoise, magenta, cyan, sienna, marigold…yeah… the Bold colors: I always wanted both packs. You really needed to have both packs to complete […]

Trending Tuesday: Leopard Print

God knew what he was doing when He created the Leopard. The Leopard is one of the most fashionable creatures in the jungle! I think even the King of the Jungle¬†might be a little jealous of the Leopard’s speckled and spotted coat. You don’t have to be jealous though. Leopard print is everywhere this fall. […]