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Dressing for your Shape via Lauren Conrad

This post from Lauren Conrad was too good not to share. Check it out:   With dozens of trends constantly coming and going in the world of fashion, it can be hard to determine which looks are the most flattering for your body type. I must admit it’s taken me a few fashion faux pas […]

Fun Friday! DIY Bib Necklace by Lauren Conrad

Bib necklaces and collars are all the rage right now. I’ve looked for my own and It’s hard to find them at a reasonable price but that’s ok because Lauren Conrad (Who is very Polished) shows us how make them in this cool video! Check it out: Don’t you love these necklaces? They could make […]

Polished Packing

Hey Gals! (and Guys?) Our Dear Amber is on her way to Africa again for Soles4souls. During her trip, she has to go through many different countries and climates.. sometimes It’s hard to pack accordingly so we decided to do a little blog post on Polished Packing! When you’re gone for awhile, it’s often hard […]

Another Hair Do!

Do you do your hair a lot? I find myself throwin’ it up in the ugliest of buns just to get it off of my neck! It’s hot out there… sometimes long braids are still too hot so I got excited when I saw this cool do (From The Beauty Department, of course). Of course, […]

Trending Tuesday – Do You Hair Do?

Sometimes you just need a make over! Besides buying new clothes from us, another way to give yourself a completely new look is by getting yo hair did. 🙂 Here are some of our favorite hair trends! Whether your hair is short or long, there are a lot of fun ways to wear your hair […]

Fun Friday – The Cat Eye

Just in time for the weekend we found a tutorial on how to make the perfect, fierce and flirty CAT EYE! Of course this tutorial comes from The Beauty Department so you know it’s going to be a good one! We just love that site. Anyway, we hope this helps with all of your eye-liner […]

Trending Tuesday – The Messy Side Braid

Braids are everywhere! Braids work and are so pretty, alluring, romantic, sassy, youthful, organic and best of all EASY! When your hair is a mess, just braid it! You will look effortlessly chic with a cool braid. We have a new favorite and wanted to take Trending Tuesday to show it to you! It is […]

Polish Picks: The Hills

We laughed, we cried and now we refuse to claim the fact that we ever even watched this show. We’re talking about The Hills. Yes, the Hills. We found a video that reminds us of the fake Teen Vogue internship, Justin Bobby, those crazy face expressions and even better, the Heidi/Spencer relationship that made us […]

Trending Tuesday: GEEK CHIC

If you haven’t noticed, GEEK CHIC is trending right now. We liked this look before it was “in” but since it is so popular now, we’ll talk about it today. We love the thick rimmed glasses that we’ve seen everywhere lately! Many people pair these with complementary nerdy clothing but our favorite is when people […]

Trending Tuesday: What’s “In” What’s “Out”?

Today we have a fun Trending Tuesday and we might make this a frequent post, we are doing an in/out list. You’ve seen them before and maybe even have questioned them before. (We have) but they are still super fun to create, so we are making one! We’re sure you have things that you are […]