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Fashion Week — Our Favorites!

Well, I missed Fashion Week…. AGAIN! Ugh.. I just never get to make it. I get invited to ALL of the shows, too.. but I’m just always TOO busy to go. Since I couldn’t make it this year (Ha), I’ve taken it upon myself to drum up the greatest things that were up and down […]

Trending Tuesday: Lace

We are currently lusting after Lace! It was huge on the runway for Fall 2011 and hopefully it will stick around for awhile. Lace has always been synonymous with both lingerie or evening wear and doilies at your grandma’s house.. but now, Lace is hanging out for day time and we could not be happier. […]

Trending Tuesday: Polka Dots

As we approach fall, we keep a watchful eye on the many trends that are on their way to us. We know that the wearable fashions that we purchase have been greatly influenced by the top fashion houses in Paris, Milan, New York and many other places. We want to shed a little light on […]