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If Polish Boutique were a Football Team…

If Polish had a football team, the colors would be Coral and Glitter.  Our mascot would be a Pygmy. Our cheerleaders would hand out free cotton candy and cream soda! Sophia Grace and Rosie would be our team’s commentators. Everyone would want to come to our football games! All of the fans would understand that […]

The Inverted Braid! BEST (and fastest) BRAID EVER!

Ok. I’ve seen this braid on famous people and always thought their hairdo person was just a really GREAT fishtail braids but it turns out that this “fishtail” is not a fishtail at all! It’s actually an inverted braid! My friend, Bevin pinned this to me on Pinterest and I got so excited when I […]

Let’s talk about Fall Trends for 2012

Who’s ready for autumn? Pick me! Pick me! I long for the days that I can throw on my skinny jeans and classic riding boots and be chic, comfortable and cool. I hate sweat! Who’s with me!? As our summer days are nearing an end, we look forward to the fashions of fall! What’s trending […]

Emily’s Polish Fashion Planning Period

Today’s post is dedicated to the TEACHERS! We adore our teachers! I think we can all think back to our favorite teachers from the time we were in school and how they greatly influenced us. (Hi Mr. Lambert) They spend most of their day molding minds. It’s a tough job and I, for one am […]

A new do for you! Via Wendy’s lookbook

This hair style is inspired by the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer runway show! Wendy shows us how it’s done. It’s a nice break from braids, wouldn’t you say?  (But I DO love a braid) Try this! Let us know how it turns out!

Hey, Blue Jean Baby! Make your own Distressed Denim Cut-offs!

Nothing says “Summer” like a cute pair of cut-offs! If you remember, one of our very own Polish gal’s made a pair for herself and they were precious. They have a very”All American girl” look to them. Well, if you liked them you are in luck! We found an awesome tutorial on Hello Giggles that […]

How to ask a guy out! (Just in case you were thinking about it)

We just HAD to share this! It was too true and funny not to! Enjoy! Remember, girlies.. the guy should pursue YOU! Not the other way around! And… if the guy is interested in you and is too afraid to tell you, then you don’t want to be with him anyway! Maybe a little old […]

Herringbone Mani! So pretty!

When it comes to painting my nails, I usually lean towards nails that are too over the top. I really like this manicure because they painted all of the nails the same shade and have one accent nail. So it’s not over the top and is very pretty! I alos LOVE the color combo! Try […]