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Polish Picks – Homemade Body Shimmer?

Do you remember when putting body glitter on your eyelids was the bee’s knees? I remember. I was probably in 7th grade and I LOVED me some glitter. My mom (Hi Zondra), however, did not and now I can understand. Large flakes of glitter getting in the creases of one’s eyelids is anything but flattering. […]

Polish Picks: GREEN for Holiday Parties

Today we have a video for Polish Picks. We are too excited to not share some of our favorite holiday dresses with you! We could not be more excited about the Christmas season! Only 27 days left until Christmas! We are thinking about what to wear to all of the fun parties we have! Are […]

Trending Tuesday: AnYtHInG Goes!

Let’s face it, when it comes to fashion, ANYTHING GOES – even on the runway! There are no rules and if there are we say break them! Fashion is the way we express ourselves. Are you a little on Preppy side? Perhaps more Bohemian? Or do you lean more to the Classics? Whatever you are, […]